How to Back Up & Export Bookmarks From Chrome

Overtime your bookmarks keep on increasing as you discover more useful sites on the internet or bookmark your favourite one to get back easily.

If you need to switch your browser or take your bookmarks to another Google account then you need to make a backup of your bookmarks and then export them after which you can import on new computer or account.

There are many google chrome extensions available which provide functionality for exporting and importing bookmarks.

But you can do it using inbuilt features of Google Chrome.

How to Export Bookmarks from Chrome

First Open your bookmarks manager either by typing chrome://bookmarks/ in the address bar or use the shortcut CTRL+Shift+O

chrome bookmarks manager

Click on the upper right corner three-dot menu which will give you the option like below

bookmarks manager options

Select Export bookmarks and select location hit save.

Now you can save that bookmarks .html file anywhere to for the backup of your bookmarks. Chrome exports the bookmark in HTML which can be used to import on another browser.

If anytime something goes wrong you can import bookmarks back.

How to Import Bookmarks

The process is similar once you can have exported the bookmarks using the above process you can go to bookmarks manager hit the three-dot menu as per above image and this time select import bookmarks, select the HTML file and it will be imported.

Import from Firefox, Edge or Internet Explorer

If you need to import bookmarks from Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer or any other HTML file which contains bookmarks then there is an option under the settings page.

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Just copy-paste this in your browser chrome://settings/importData and it will open up the below options

or you can find Import bookmarks and settings under settings page of chrome.

import bookmarks and settings

Select as per your preference and click import which will give you options to select like browsing history, saved passwords, search engines and bookmarks. You can unselect all and select only bookmarks or as per your need then click import and it’s done.

import complete

By exporting bookmarks you can also keep them safe for any accidental cases where you can lose all your data for any issue.

If you use multiple browsers like Firefox, Safari and Chrome then exporting and importing can be a tiring process. Instead, you can read our recent post on how to Sync Your Bookmarks Across Browsers


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