Best Halloween Apps

October is time to carve pumpkins to make a lamp for Halloween and get dressed in the spookiest dress you can. In digital ara, you have plenty of apps that will let you customize your phone to be your best spooky friend.

These apps will let you set spooky wallpapers & ringtones on your phone also you can play spooky games too to get into Halloween spirit.

You can watch lots of horror movie on Halloweenflix scare the shit of your friends. Hallowenflix is just like Netflix but for free scary movies.

Let’s start, shall we?

Halloween Games

Ghost Pop!

Ghost pop is cutest Halloween game you can play, the only thing you have to do in-game is pop the ghosts with a flashlight. You can earn coins by poping the ghosts and that coin can be used to buy the fancy flashlight and character skins.

Ghost Pop!
Ghost Pop!
Developer: PlaySide Studios
Price: Free+

Drop Dead Dual Strike

Drop Dead Dual Strike is VR game where you have to kill zombies with weapons you can kill zombies in a whole lot of style using rods, knife, shotguns. You can play Drop Dead multiplayer by teaming up with your friend.

You will feel like Thor because you can pick weapons by pointing your hands towards them as Thor does.

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To play Drop Dead you need to have an Oculus Quest or Oculus Rift.

Affected The Manor

Playing horror game in VR is totally different experience and you are going to feel it while playing Affected The Manor game available on Steam. Music and spookiness are great.

Nothing is predictable in-game with 2 routes to choose from with 4 different alternate endings.

You need HTC Vive to play this game.

Developer: Fallen Planet Studios
Price: $ 7.99

Halloween Wallpaper & Ringtones

Halloween Soundboard

Combining multiple scary sounds to have one great scary sound can be done using the app, you can loop the sound and play another sound when needed or you can play all at once that’s up to you.

You might underestimate the soundboard but a perfectly timed sound play can scary anybody at night. Install the app and have fun.

Halloween Soundboard
Halloween Soundboard
Developer: Ape Studios
Price: Free+

Halloween Spooky soundbox is great app for iPhone users

Halloween Live Wallpaper

Halloween Live wallpaper app is a decent app with multiple customizations. to be a great live wallpaper for your android phone. You can customize flying bats/witchs and background as per your liking.

Halloween Live Wallpaper
Halloween Live Wallpaper
Developer: Wasabi
Price: Free+

You can also get lots of cool Halloween wallpapers on Unsplash.

Apps for Light effects

Hue Halloween

If you have a Philips Hue bulb you definitely need to try these setups to sync lights with sound to give the proper effect of a haunted house in your room.

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You can use your Philips motion sensor to trigger the sound and light effects when someone reaches your porch or door is opened to surprise them.

Hue Halloween
Hue Halloween
Developer: MediaVibe
Price: $1.99+

Scary HueHello

Another great app that works with Philips Hue, the app got some cool and scary sound effects combined with light effect to give a great experience.

You have lots of option to choose like kill you/steps/bell/thunderstorm and many more if you can’t decide you can play them randomly.

The app is free on android and paid for iPhone users right now.

‎Scary HueHello
‎Scary HueHello
Developer: Setona LLC
Price: $1.99

Fun Apps for Halloween


Halloween and pumpkin (jack-o-lanterns) can’t be separated from each other, now with Carve-e-Pumpkin you can carve your favourite design, you can carve it using your free hand.

Halloween Card Creator

Creating a poster is fun but creating a spooky poster is even more fun because you can use your wittiest imagination. App offers various shapes and background to help you make your best Halloween poster.

If you have stickers and backgrounds you can use Canva to make your Halloween poster, on Canva can make it animated.

Make a Zombie 2

Make your own zombie army and customize there look and appearance and share with your friends. There is plenty of options for zombie customization from background to character everything can be customized. Use your imagination to make your cute zombie and don’t forgot to share it with your friend.

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‎Make A Zombie 2
‎Make A Zombie 2

Written by Amit Yadav

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