How to Download Full Google Plus Album Images

Update: Google has launched Google Currents for its enterprise customers by replacing Google +. Its main theme is “Engage employees. Have meaningful discussions. Stay current — together.”

Google Currents for gsuite

Update:  Google Plus is going down on April 2, 2019. It’s better to download all your shared images and content. 

If you want to download all of your content other than shared images you can go to Download your Google Plus Data

How many times it happens when your co-worker or any Google plus user shares


100 to 1000 images in single google plus post,

you just want to download the full album but you can’t because there is no option on a google plus post,

you have to go through each image ;-(


Here is a quick and easy tip to Download Full Google Plus album

But wait a minute what about those google plus post where you shared a large number of images and now want to download it,


In that case, you have to just visit this link

You will find images categorised in Albums

  • Profile Photos
  • Photos from posts
  • Photos from Blogger
  • Scrapbook
  • Albums in Google Photos


Google plus album archive

Now back to business

To get other users Publicly shared album just add users unique identifier numbers string or custom URL word (both works)****add user id or name here****

example (link to Android Police Profile)


After accessing Album Archive page of user navigate to Photos from Post option and then album you want to download


Album Archive, Photos from posts


The album name is based on the date on which post is shared so check the date of the post you want to download,

next, open the album and tap three dots in the top right corner,

you will be greeted by Download Album button, on click Album zip will start downloading.


download full google plus album

Album Archive photos from posts download

Sometimes you may not see the Download Album button just because the user has disabled option to download in his profile.


In that case, you have to ask the user to enable this option in his profile,


in the meantime you can at least access all images shared by the user publically, only you will not get an option to download the album.


Hope it helped you,

Don’t forget to tell us what other ways you are using to download images of other users publically shared google plus photos.


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