Best RPG Games for Android

An RPG, or Role-Playing Game, remains a particular type in the domain of video games where players expect the personas of characters inside unpredictably made fictitious universes. These Best RPG Games for Android are described by their emphasis on character unfolding, empowering players to shape and move their in-game personalities. Missions and difficulties structure the embodiment of gameplay, filling in as roads for character improvement and investigation inside the game world. Best RPG Games might take on either an open-world plan, giving players the opportunity for investigation, or a more direct construction that guides them through a pre-laid-out story.

Vital to the Best RPG game dynamic is the idea of character development, with players gathering experience focuses through different in-game exercises. As characters climb in levels, they open new abilities, capacities, and stuff, making novel and customized ventures. The battle mechanics in Best RPG Games show adaptability, going from turn-based systems that request strategic decision-production during fights to continuous activity components that require fast reflexes.

13 Best RPG Games for Android

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion

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Assassin’s Creed Rebellion is one of the best RPG Games set in the world of Assassin’s Creed. It was created by Ubisoft Diversion and delivered in November 2018. Professional Killer’s Statement of Faith Insubordination is a truly cool game where you become the manager of a lot of Professional killers. You get to pick and prepare these Professional killers, and they’re all great at various things. Then, at that point, you send them out on secret missions to bunches of better places.

At the point when your Professional killers are on these missions, they face difficulties, address tricky puzzles, and have fights with enemies. The fights occur in an exceptional manner where everybody alternates. At the point when they finish missions, your Professional killer group gets more grounded and better.

You likewise get to construct and deal with your secret base. You gather significant stuff and open new Professional killers from various times in the Professional killer’s Belief world. It resembles a blend of making savvy arrangements, dealing with significant things, and playing with your number one Professional killers.


Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival

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“Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival” is one of the most interesting Best RPG Games created by Brickwork Games Ltd. It takes players on a dark and testing experience set in a middle-aged world loaded up with fantasy components. ​

In this game, players wind up in an unforgiving open world loaded with undead animals and perilous beasts. To make due, they should explore the misleading scene, accumulate assets, create fundamental things, and fabricate covers,

The game has a spooky environment, with a getting a handle on a storyline that spreads out as players research detainment facilities, tortured locales, and various regions. Players can alter their character and work on their capacities, allowing them to grow further and defy the slinking gambles.

“Grim Soul” likewise offers multiplayer choices, where players can collaborate with different survivors in the game. They can decide to coordinate or contend in this sombre and testing world.

For Best RPG Games addicts, “Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival” gives a vivid and environmental experience that mixes survival senses with rich pretending components. Furthermore, the best part is, that you can partake in this shocking experience squarely in the centre of your hand on an Android telephone.


Age of Magic

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“Age of Magic” is one of the Best RPG Games where you can play various roles in a dreamland. It is created by Playkot Ltd. It is created by Playkot Ltd. In the game, you will partake thus based battles where you decisively plan your moves. In “Age of Magic,” you get to make a group of cool legends with unique powers, and together, you go on undertakings to battle various foes and strong bosses. The game looks magnificent with extraordinary illustrations and has a cool story that keeps you intrigued and engaged. In this way, you collect your group of legends, face energizing difficulties, and have loads of fun in the game!

A few outstanding elements of “Age of Magic” incorporate playing with a group, stepping up and working on your characters, contending with different players in PvP modes, and taking part in unique occasions to procure rewards. To find true success, you should consider cautiously and go with shrewd choices during battles.

Age of Magic: Turn Based RPG
Age of Magic: Turn Based RPG
Developer: Playkot LTD
Price: Free

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

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Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is a portable variation of the well-known console Best RPG Games, Final Fantasy XV, created and distributed by Square Enix Co., Ltd. The game elements an alternate workmanship style contrasted with the first, with a more chibi and adapted character plan. It likewise gloats smoothed out interactivity to more readily suit the versatile stage.

The Pocket Edition plans to convey the centre storyline and interactivity of Final Fantasy XV in a more open and versatile configuration for portable gamers. While the illustrations are improved for cell phones, the quintessence of the first game’s account and characters is held.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer

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The Witcher: Monster Slayer is undoubtedly one of the Best RPG Games, set in the realm of The Witcher series. Created by Spokko, an auxiliary of CD Projekt, the game is intended for the two iOS and Android gadgets. An expanded reality (AR) game, the Witcher-Monster Slayer takes advantage of the player’s verifiable surroundings to enhance the hunting experience.

In the game, players assume the job of a monster tracker known as a Witcher, like the hero Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher series. Players investigate this present reality, utilizing their cell phones to track and fight virtual monsters overlaid on the genuine climate through the gadget’s camera. The game sticks to the mythology and gameplay of The Witcher series while incorporating exploration, combat, and hypothetical chemistry.

Download The Witcher: Monster Slayer

The Elder Scrolls

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The Elder Scrolls: Blades is a game published by Bethesda Game Studios to be played on iOS and Android mobile phones. It is a side project of the well-known Elder Scrolls series. It is one of the Best RPG Games, it was first declared in 2018 and was made accessible for early access in 2019.

In The Elder Scrolls: Blades, players can make a person, modify their appearance, and set out on missions in different conditions. The game consolidates components of prison creeping, investigation, and battle. It is played from a first-individual point of view, and the battle is intended to be speedy and accessible for versatile gaming.

A special element of Blades is the capacity for players to construct and update a town that has been obliterated. This town-building part adds to the gameplay experience. The game moreover consolidates a storyline for players to follow and offers both single-player and multiplayer field battles.

Chrono Trigger

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Chrono Trigger, one of the Best RPG Games, has been given new existence with a remastered variant planned explicitly for mobile gadgets. This implies you can now partake in the epic and immortal story of Chrono Trigger in a hurry, right from your cell phone or tablet.

Initially delivered during the 1990s, Chrono Trigger is eminent for its connecting with story and noteworthy characters. With the mobile remaster, players can encounter the game’s enamouring plot and communicate with dearest characters in an organization improved for convenient gadgets.

The remastered variant probably incorporates improvements to the illustrations and UI, guaranteeing a smoother and outwardly engaging experience on present-day mobile screens. Moreover, the mobile transformation commonly holds the centre of ongoing interaction mechanics and highlights that made Chrono Trigger a darling work of art, permitting both long-lasting fans and new players to submerge themselves in this unbelievable Best RPG Games experience any place they are.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) is one of the Best RPG Games set in the expansive and dear Star Wars universe. The game parades an interfacing with and striking story, making it a hero title in the RPG type.

Happening in a period a long time before the events of the Star Wars films, KOTOR familiarizes players with a rich and point-by-point grandiose framework. The record is stacked up with energizing curves in the street, researching the dispute between the Sith and the Jedi, adding profundity to the Star Wars legend.

What separates KOTOR as one of the Best RPG Games, is its essential cast of characters, each with their striking characters, foundations, and inspirations. Players have a huge chance to go with key choices for the most part through the game, affecting the heading of the story and moulding their personality’s fate.

As players progress, they participate in principal turn-based battles, using the popular light stabbers and an assortment of Power powers. The outline gets the substance of the Star Wars universe, with striking conditions, empowering fights, and a soundtrack that deals with general information. At previously passed for consoles and later adjusted on to different stages, KOTOR has left a continuing heritage as one of the most astonishing Star Wars computer games. Its effect on both the RPG and Star Wars gaming types is certain, and it keeps on being acclaimed by fans for its depiction and commitment to the expansive Star Wars mythos.

Star Wars™: KOTOR
Star Wars™: KOTOR
Developer: Aspyr Media, Inc.
Price: $9.99

Final Fantasy VII

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Final Fantasy VII, a notable entry in the category of the Best aaa Games initially delivered in 1997, by Square Enix Ltd., for the Sony PlayStation, has been stunningly remastered for cell phones, furnishing players with the chance to remember its famous story and extraordinary characters while moving. The portable variation highlights improved illustrations and streamlined controls, guaranteeing a consistent change to touchscreen gadgets without compromising the substance of the first game.

Submerging players in the tragic universe of Midgar, Final Fantasy VII follows the excursion of Cloud Strife and his different gathering of partners as they fight the strong Shinra Corporation and defy the perplexing Sephiroth. The remastered versatile rendition saves the game’s profound story, unpredictable turn-based battle, and the close-to-home reverberation that made it a foundation of the Best RPG Games. Whether you’re a long-term fan returning to this work of art or a rookie anxious to find the wizardry of Final Fantasy VII, the versatile remaster conveys a connection with an outwardly dazzling experience that catches the quintessence of this immortal Best RPG Games show-stopper.

Price: $15.99

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

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Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, initially delivered on the PlayStation 2 in 2004, has been magnificently remastered for mobile phones, offering players the chance to encounter its immortal RPG engage in a hurry. The portable transformation flaunts improved designs and sound, enhanced touchscreen controls, and a dedicated entertainment of the legendary storyline that follows the hero and their sidekicks on a quest to lift an extensive revile. The game’s charming story, loaded up with turns and critical characters like Yangus, Jessica, and King Trode, stays a sign of the Dragon Quest series, while the open-world investigation and exemplary turn-based battle framework are consistently changed to the portable stage.


Notwithstanding the main components that made the first a work of art, the versatile remaster may present new highlights or content, furnishing the two veterans and novices with new shocks. Whether returning to the game for wistfulness or encountering it interestingly, Dragon Quest VIII on mobile phones guarantees an outwardly staggering and vivid Best RPG Games experience that catches the quintessence of the amazing work of art.

Price: $19.99

Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact, created and distributed by miHoYo, is profoundly acclaimed as one of free-to-play Best RPG Games that appeared in September 2020. The game distinguishes itself with its breathtaking open-world design set in the distinct realms of ‘Teyvat,’ which are inspired by real-world communities. Players can explore seven distinct regions, each with captivating scenes, urban networks, penitentiaries, and hidden secrets. This extensive and outwardly dazzling open world furnishes players with the opportunity to set out on missions, challenges, and vivid undertakings, upgrading the general gaming experience.

Fundamental to Genshin Impact is its assorted cast of characters, each having particular capacities, essential affinities, and characters. Players can gather a party of up to four characters, exchanging between them consistently during fights.  The person movement framework, including stepping up, gaining weapons, and opening gifts, further permits players to fit their group to suit their favoured playstyle, encouraging a feeling of personalization and interest in the game.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact
Price: Free
Download Genshin Impact

Shadowrun Returns

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“Shadowrun Returns” resembles a computerized experience game where you become a shadowrunner in a cool cutting-edge city. As a shadowrunner in this entry among Best RPG Games, your responsibility is to do secret missions and make your personality more grounded by mastering new abilities. The game is tied in with taking savvy actions in fights since it’s turn-based, meaning you alternate with your adversaries. It’s set in a blend of cutting-edge and dreamland, similar to a cool mix of trend-setting innovation and enchantment. Created and distributed by Harebrained Schemes, it resembles playing a cutting-edge spy game. Prepare for a strategic and invigorating pretending experience.

As a player, you jump into a story-driven encounter, assuming the job of a shadowrunner with the opportunity to shape your personality’s abilities and capacities. The turn-based battle framework adds a layer of strategic independent direction, expecting you to design your moves cautiously as you substitute turns with foes.

One of the main highlights is the extraordinary mix of cyberpunk feel and dream components, where cutting-edge innovation and sorcery flawlessly coincide. The cityscape is loaded with interest, mysteries, and a holding storyline that keeps players drenched in the game world.

Download link is from non official source so pay attention.

Download Shadowrun Returns


In the huge and various universe of Android Best RPG Games, players can leave on enamouring ventures, fashion strong collusion, and submerge themselves in rich stories. From the secretive moves of Professional Assassin’s Creed Rebellion to the dim dream endurance difficulties of Grim Soul, each game offers a special encounter. Time of Enchantment delivers vital fights with a group of different legends, while Final Dream XV Pocket Release enthrals with its portable variation of a control centre work of art. The Witcher: Monster Slayer acquaints increased reality with the RPG domain, mixing reality with beast hunting.

In the interim, works of art like Chrono Trigger and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic grandstand the ageless allure of pretending experiences. Whether savouring the sentimentality of Final Dream VII or investigating Mythical Beast Mission’s supernatural universes, portable Best RPG Games offer plenty of decisions, guaranteeing there’s an enamouring experience for each player’s taste. Closing with the cyberpunk-dream mix of Shadowrun Returns, the Android Best RPG Games scene is a gold mine of different and drawing in gaming encounters, fit to be investigated at the player’s fingertips.


What makes a good RPG game?

Best RPG Games are portrayed by a convincing storyline that winds around a drawing in account with fascinating characters, offering players significant decisions that influence the game’s movement. Solid personal improvement, investigation open doors, and shifted interactivity mechanics add to a rich and vivid gaming experience. A fair trouble bend guarantees difficulties line up with player progress, while climatic sound and visuals improve the general inundation. The game’s reality building, both outwardly and narratively, ought to charm players, cultivating an association with the made-up universe. Furthermore, player opportunity, vital battles, character customization, and continuous help through customary updates add to the Best RPG Games’ profundity and lifespan, making it a fantastic and paramount experience for players.

Do mobile RPGs require an internet connection?

Some of the Best RPG Games for Android need the internet, while others don’t. If a game works offline, you can play it without needing the internet. But if a game has online features like playing with friends or getting new stuff, then you’ll need the internet for that. Some games also need the internet to update or add new things. Before playing, you can check the game’s description on the app store to know if you need the internet or not.

Are mobile RPGs free to play?

Yes, some portable Best RPG Games are free to play! It implies you can download and partake in the game without paying any cash. These games for the most part bring in cash through discretionary in-game buys. This could incorporate purchasing exceptional things, characters, or other cool stuff to upgrade your gaming experience. While numerous portable RPGs follow this free-to-play model, some could have an underlying expense to download, so it’s really smart to take a look at the game’s subtleties on the application store before getting everything rolling.

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