How to Search on YouTube Like a Pro!

Do you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet after Google? On YouTube daily over billion of hours content watched and uploaded. This post will help you get your desired video to appear in your search result.

So let’s proceed on how to search on YouTube:

Using Built-in Filters

YouTube offers you to use its built-in filters and sorting options that hide behind “Filter” link:


Upload Date: Last hour, today, this week, this month and this year,


Type: Video, channel, playlist, movie and show,

Duration: Short and long,

Features: 4K, HD, HDR, 3D, live, location, 360°, purchased, subtitles/CC, Creative Commons,

Sorting: (by relevance, date, view count and rating),

Quality: (HD, closed captions, long videos, videos from partners, creative commons, live broadcasts),


By using the filter you can search easily but we often don’t use filters because to apply a filter we need to first search then apply the filter on search page on top of that if you want to use multiple filters you will end having multiple page refresh.

So we are going to show you how you can apply multiple filters just by adding query strings after your search term separated by commas (,). You can apply multiple query string at a time.

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Find a specific YouTube channel

Vevo Music, channel

YouTube Search Specific channel

YouTube will always show you videos containing word gamer boy and channels combined but if you are looking for YouTube channel, just add channel word after your search query with a comma. Like in above example YouTube will give you official verified music channel list of maintained by Vevo.

Find what’s live on YouTube


zoo, live

YouTube Search currently live videos

Want to check who is live or searching for any specific event, news and sports channel currently live on YouTube, add the word live after the query and you are good to go.

Narrow down your search by time uploaded

Donald Trump, week

YouTube Search videos uploaded within week

If you want to know what Donald Trump is doing this week search with above query YouTube will show you results related to Donald Trump uploaded on YouTube this week. You can use ‘today’ ‘month’ and ‘year’ as per need.

Find movies on YouTube

Will Smith, movie, long

YouTube Search Movies available

YouTube has a collection of movies. Just add film word in your search query and you are good to go. You should add the word long for a better result.

Find long videos on YouTube

Popeye, long | Draw Popeye, short

YouTube Search videos longer than 20 minutes


YouTube Search videos shorter than 4 minutes


By adding long at the end of the search term you are forcing YouTube to show only videos above 20 minutes or more. You can add word short to show the only video of 4 minutes or less length.

Find 4K, HD, CC or 360° only videos on YouTube

Travel India, 4K | 7 Wonders, 360

YouTube Search videos in 4K, HD Quality

YouTube Search videos shot in 360-spherical

You can refine your search result to show only 4K content or 360 content to get a great immersive experience of the content.

Find 3D videos on YouTube

Infinity War, 3D

YouTube Search videos in 3D quality

If you have a 3D tv and 3d glasses you can use them to watch 3D video content, just add the 3D end of the search term.

Find curated playlists on YouTube

Learn dance, playlist

YouTube Search playlist of videos on topic

If you want playlist on any topic just add playlist word after the search term you will be happy to see someone already made a playlist for your topic.

Like by opening above link search result page will list playlists of how to learn dancing.

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Google Search operator in YouTube Search

You can use Google search operators in search to get the most out of YouTube, some of them are listed below,

+word Operator to include in your search result,

–word Operator to exclude any word from your search result,

* Operator is used as wildcard,

“word” Operator is used to exact match in search result,

allintitile:word Use this to show only videos that have your searched term in their title, you can combine this with ” “ for better result allintitile:”word”.



  • Keep in mind do not put space between Google search operators and the word you want to use with that operator.
  • You can always mix and match multiple operators to include and exclude any search term from your search.


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