10 Websites to Watch Movies Online for FREE Legally ?

I am going to list websites where you can watch movies online for free legally without even downloading anything. All you have to do read the post to the end to know which service might be good for you.

Nobody wants to wait half an hour downloading a movie, when you can stream that movie online on streaming services like Netflix, HULU, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus. The only problem is that they cost money and for a person who only has time on the weekend or after work hours these streamings services may put additional load on your pocket.

Before I start listing movie streaming website keep in you need to have a VPN to access some of the websites mentioned below because few websites content is geo-locked and only available for top tier-1countries, I will mention with that throughout the list.

You can use any free or paid VPN of your choice, I personally use TunnelBear Free plan.

Websites to Watch Movies Online Free




Vudu has great movies catalogue, not all movies are free but there is a large list of movies that can be watched with ads on Vudu,

Movies list has popular movies that you should watch as many movies I found that are on my watchlist also.

The categorisation of movies helps a lot in finding the right movie to watch.


imdb tv

IMDb stands for Internet Movie Database, it lists and organises movies, tv shows, serials, series information in their databases.


In 2019 IMDb launched a streaming service called IMDb tv that is exclusive for the United States,

IMDb shows movies and shows from well-known production houses like Warner Bros, MGM, Sony, ABC.

IMDb is free streaming service without any subscription or paywall, all movies and shows available on the platform are free to watch with ads.

Using it is very simple, simply search for the title you are interested in IMDb you will see a button watch on IMDb tv for free if that title is available on IMDb tv or you can visit IMDb tv browsing page.


YouTube Search Movies available

You can find here all the movies listed on YouTube that you can rent or buy, but this page also features free movies too,

To find free movies on YouTube, you just need to search effectively on YouTube,

You can use here smart filters and query to narrow down search results for your specific need


Movies, long for movies

Hrithik Movies, long for movies of Hrithik

You can experiment with these to find movies of actor and actress you like. the long keyword makes sure the search result always contains videos that are 20 mins and longer,

You can even skip ‘long’ word in search YouTube will give you correct result but sometimes it may not behave correctly or shows results with lots of video with short duration than this will help you.



Popcornflix is another great website that offers streaming of movies for free but content on the website is geo-locked so you have to use a VPN.

Popcornflix doesn’t offer a subscription plan, everything on the website is free to watch with ads, you can enjoy movies on Apple Tv, ROKU, XBOX too without the need to pay a single buck.

The website has a simple interface you watch all 1500 movies, tv shows and viral videos from home in the browser.

Sony Crackle

sone crackle

One of the best options in this list is Sony Crackle, You will find popular Movies and shows as this service is offered by Sony.


Collection of movies are great and the best part is you don’t have to even login to watch any movie on the platform,

The video player of Sone Crackle offers some nifty customizations like colour, font, subtitle adjustments, that will make your movie watching expressions great.

Pluto TV

pluto tv live


Pluto Tv is an American internet television that offers access to 250+ live tv channels that also run movies, you can watch them online,

No Signup Required to watch but you need to have a VPN if outside the US.

Pluto TV has overall great UI and discovery features in this list,

You can not only watch live tv but also watch movies and shows on-demand that are available on the platform free of cost.


hotstar for movies

Hotstar is now bought by Disney + and now offers multiple different plans to access both contents, but here we are interested in the free plan in which you don’t have to even login to access movies and tv serial.

Hotstar timely add new movies to their catalogue and their free movies collection is great, you can even watch live tv on Hotstar too.

The video player of Hotstar is great you won’t feel it lagging and quality of movies, serials are always great.

Hotstar is available in India, US and Canada at this time, you can access its content through VPN if you are in any other country.

Retrovision TV


Retrovision is for someone who loves to watch retro movies, cartoons, shows.

90’s kid may or may not want to watch these movies but our father and grandfather can watch these movies to rejoice their childhood memories.



Tubi tv is a great website to watch movies that you haven’t seen, collection of movies are great but you won’t find any bigger productions houses movie on the website.

Movies available on the platform are great, the video player is surprisingly great and has easy to use controls. Quality of movies is excellent.

No signup and VPN required to watch any of the movies.

Honourable Mentions

Kanopy and Hoopla digital both are also great options for those who have Public library card and are in the US,


Hope you find some of the websites helpful and great for your need if you interest in watching Indian movies than Hotstar is your best bet. You can share your favourite website if not mentioned above on community or on social media where ever you like, we are always listening.

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