Set Google Photos as Wallpaper on Android

Using Google Photos as wallpaper is something I was looking from quite a lot of time, like other I have also curated a collection of wallpapers I like but never found a way to change wallpaper automatically. A few months earlier I came to know about app Phuzei that works with Muzei app by using this you also use your Google Photos album as wallpaper.

Google Photos is a great service offered by Google where you can store unlimited images for free as long as save in high-quality option is enabled. For normal users like us high-quality is enough as most of the phone has Camera with 12-16 MB, You won’t be able to find a noticeable difference between compresses image and original image by yourself.

Now your images are on Google photos and you created nice and well-organised albums of photos and want to use an album as a wallpaper on your Android phone then you came at right place mate.


For this setup to work you need to install 2 android apps and have 1 great collection of wallpapers.

While you are here why not give a try to our wallpaper app, it’s free ?

Splash It - 4K, HD, AMOLED
Splash It - 4K, HD, AMOLED

Muzei live wallpaper app (open source on GitHub)

Muzei is Live wallpaper app you already know, it refreshes wallpaper of your phone from different sources, you can customize wallpapers saturation, dimming and blur for home screen and lock screen both.

Muzei Live Wallpaper
Muzei Live Wallpaper

Phuzei app (open source on GitHub)

Phuzei is developed by Alireza Afkar that provides Muzei your Google Photos album as a wallpaper source.

Developer: Alireza Afkar
Price: Free

Steps To Set Google Photos Album as Wallpaper

Set up Phuzei

  1. Open Phuzei app
  2. Sign in with your Google account in which you have wallpapers album,
  3. Select album, you can select your own created photos album or shared album, exit Phuzei.

setup phuzei

Allow Phuzei to Access your Google Photos

phuzei album selection


Select your own album or a shared album.

Note: You can create Auto updating album on Google Photos and use it as a wallpaper source, auto album can be created based on any person or pet, it can be your child, spouse or parents. Main purpose of this album is when you have new photos of loved ones these will be added to that Google Photos auto album automatically.

To Create a Google Photos Auto Album Got to Google Photos Album Tab and tap create an album, name your album and tap Select People & Pets and select your loved ones and hit confirm,

create google photos auto album

Your Google Photos Auto Album is ready, now you can use this album in Phuzei as a wallpaper source.

Set up Muzei

  1. Now open Muzei
  2. Set it as live wallpaper
  3. Select Phuzei as a source,
  4. You can select setting to change currently selected Photos album.

setup muzei

Now based on your settings Muzei will change your wallpaper.
To change Muzei settings open Muzei go-to source tab and tap sync icon on top right corner and change frequency there, if you want Muzei to download next wallpaper in advance when on WiFi then make sure auto-advance on notification is checked.

Note: Also make sure Muzei and Phuzei are removed from battery optimisation list otherwise you will be frustrated why wallpapers are not automatically changing.

Test your setup and Enjoy

You can test it by changing manually triggering next wallpaper using Muzei widget, add a widget to home screen tap it for next wallpaper if next wallpaper is applied then your setup works perfectly. You can use this widget to trigger next wallpaper when you don’t like current wallpaper.

Now You know how to set a google photos album as a wallpaper on your android, right now this is the simplest way to use Google Photos Album as wallpaper. If you know other ways then let me know in the comment box.

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