Best Secure and Private Browsers

best privacy browser

Browser is the first thing you need to secure if you are serious about privacy because a browser knows more about you than you think, a browser can easily track your online behaviour, websites you visit, search queries you use and on what website you spent your most time. On … Read more

Best Android Emulators for Windows

best android emulators

Running Android on Windows has been made possible through emulation software which provides the functionality to run some certain version of Android in an isolated container. By using an android emulator you can experience all features of an android device like installing apps, using customization features, browse the internet, Google … Read more

5 Best Remote Desktop Software

It’s not possible for everyone to physically present at every friend, family and customers place to solve their IT related problems or guide them but you can take control of their system with these best remote desktop software. You can remotely control their systems, transfer files from your system to … Read more

10 Best Photo Viewer For Windows 10 [2020]

best photo viewer

No matter what work or profession you’re in everyday we need to open multiple photos. The default option of Windows is quite slow to load. You can speed up things by just picking up right photo viewer and management software which will help you daily routine task without getting noticed. … Read more

Most Useful CMD Commands For Windows Users

Most Useful CMD Commands

CMD which refers to Command Prompt in Windows. It can help you run various commands provided by Windows OS to run for the administrator task, scheduling, scripts, batch files and troubleshooting problems. While it might sound complex but there are many commands which can help you. For instance, you need … Read more