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  • best online video editor
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    Best Online Video Editors to Try in 2020

    To turn your videos made using a mobile phone or an amateur camera into a presentable video that will not be embarrassing to show to friends and acquaintances, you need to edit the source material. For this, there are quite a lot of free video editors working both under Windows and Mac. But if for […] More

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    5 Best Remote Desktop Software

    It’s not possible for everyone to physically present at every friend, family and customers place to solve their IT related problems or guide them but you can take control of their system with these best remote desktop software. You can remotely control their systems, transfer files from your system to remote systems and much more. […] More

  • best photo viewer

    10 Best Photo Viewer For Windows 10 [2020]

    No matter what work or profession you’re in everyday we need to open multiple photos. The default option of Windows is quite slow to load. You can speed up things by just picking up right photo viewer and management software which will help you daily routine task without getting noticed. So here are some of […] More

  • Most Useful CMD Commands

    Most Useful CMD Commands For Windows Users

    CMD which refers to Command Prompt in Windows. It can help you run various commands provided by Windows OS to run for the administrator task, scheduling, scripts, batch files and troubleshooting problems. While it might sound complex but there are many commands which can help you. For instance, you need to find the IP address […] More

  • best windows utilities

    Top 10 Best Windows Utilities You Should Start Using

    In this post, we have covered some of the most useful and best windows utilities which you should start using as per your daily environment and usage. There are tons of windows utilities over the internet but these are some of the most useful for almost anyone. We have tested all of the software on […] More

  • Productive Chrome Tips

    29 Productive Google Chrome Tips for Everyone

    In this post, we have shared some of the most useful Chrome tips which you will make your life a lot easier. Google Chrome is the most widely used browser around the world no doubts. You and I daily spent hours doing stuff, doing our office work, college work and so on. There are a […] More