Best Android Lite Apps for Low Memory Device to Use

Best Lite Android Apps

Most of the popular Android apps maker has introduced a stripped down version of their app as lite apps for Android which can smoothly run on Android phones with low ram and storage.

Google with Android Oreo announced the Go Edition of apps like Gmail Go, Files Go, Google Go, Maps Go, YouTube Go and Assistant Go.

A lot of other social media apps and communication apps are announcing their lite version of apps, which can run on very low specs devices

Why You Need Lite Apps for Android?

Even if you have a High-end device doesn’t mean you don’t need to look at these apps, You should definitely check out these apps because

You will Save battery, Storage and any performance issue with bloated apps like the Facebook app can make your phone slow but alternative Fb Lite works wonder.

These apps may not be available for every device due to some restriction set by developers for making the apps available for low spec devices but you can download them safely from APK Mirror, don’t download from malicious websites.

If you are interested in downloading from APK Mirror we have one cool way to do that in one just click via Bookmarklet. We have written an in-depth article on bookmarklets covering 37 awesome bookmarklets for productivity. You might be surprised how much stuff you can do with bookmarklets.


Best Lite Apps For Android

Facebook Lite

Storage friendly

The Facebook Lite app is small, allowing you to use Facebook in 2G conditions without worrying about your data.

On Facebook lite you can manage your profile, Facebook page and groups very easily, facebook lite takes less storage and memory on the device so your phone doesn’t hang.

You need to download facebook lite even your phone is the high end because the main Facebook app after some time makes devices slow.

  • Make new Post and Stories
  • Manage Page and Profile
  • Sync Contact list to find new Friends
Facebook Lite
Facebook Lite
Developer: Facebook
Price: Free


FB Messenger Lite

Clutter-free and data-efficient

You can call and message your friends and check when anyone comes online. you need to download messenger lite because its light on phone resources that makes space for other apps.


Files Go

Free up Space on your phone

Files Go is a new storage manager that helps you free up space on your phone, find files faster, and share them easily offline with others.


Amazon Kindle Lite

Millions of eBooks

Amazon Kindle is one of the best eBook readers out in the market, if you love eBooks then you will definitely love amazon kindle lite, it has some great features that make your reading experience great.

  • Adjust font size
  • Continue reading from where you left last time
  • Night Mode
  • Buy eBooks Directly or Read Free ebooks
  • Offline Reading (download when connected to wifi)
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Parallel Space Lite

Run 2 Separate instance of the same App

In this digital era, we sometimes keep 2 accounts on some apps to just make our personal and work life separate and peaceful.

If you are one of those people then this app is just for you, you can run the same app in parallel on the same phone to log in your second account without disturbing your first account.

like running two instances of WhatsApp one for personal and one for work or you can use it for any game.

  • Fast switching between apps
  • Replicate any app easily
  • Multilingual (24 languages)
Parallel Space Lite-Dual App
Parallel Space Lite-Dual App


Camera FV-5 Lite

DSLR Like Manual Controls

If your phone supports taking raw pictures then this is a must-have app,

by using this app you can adjust all camera controls like long exposure, focus, ISO. shutter speed very easily,

It has very handy features that save a log of time like developing raw images in the background so you can quickly take multiple photos back to back, you can assign any function available in the app to volume keys for quick access.

  • Time Laps support
  • Save in JPEG, 16-bit Raw DNG, Lossless PNG
  • Customize file names
  • EXIF and XML Sidecar metadata support
  • Multilingual (40 languages)
Camera FV-5 Lite
Camera FV-5 Lite
Developer: FGAE
Price: Free


Gallery Go by Google Photos

An alternative of Google Photos in a lite version by Google.

It’s fast, simple and optimized to work offline. Features like automatic organization every night by type of photos, for example, People, Selfies, Nature, Animals, Documents, Videos and Movies.

Gallery Go also comes with a few editing options for enhancing photos.

Gallery Go by Google Photos
Gallery Go by Google Photos


Gmail Go

Secure lightweight Gmail

The Gmail you love, now lighter and just as fast. Enjoy a smart inbox that keeps your messages safe and you organized.

Gmail Go
Gmail Go
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


Google Assistant Go

Your personal assistant

Use your voice to get directions to the nearest coffee shop, make calls hands free during your commute, and unwind by playing your favourite tunes. You personal Google is here to help.

Google Assistant Go
Google Assistant Go
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


Google Go

Lightweight Google search app

Get answers quickly and reliably with Google Go, even on slow connections and smartphones with low space


Google Maps Go

Directions, Traffic, Transit

Google Maps Go is the lightweight Progressive Web App variation of the original Google Maps app. This version requires Chrome.


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Navigation for Google Maps Go

Navigate using Google Map

Everyone uses google map to find about places and plan their travelling trip, navigation for google maps go helps people who have phones that have limited resources and wants to get benefited from google maps navigation.

This app needs Google Maps Go to work, this app can not be launched directly

  • Turn by turn navigation
  • Optimized for low memory phone
  • Works on Slow Network


LinkedIn Lite

Easy Job Search

LinkedIn Lite works seamlessly even on 2G or 3G connections and takes up less than 1 MB space on your smartphone.


YouTube Go

Watch, share and save data

YouTube Go is your everyday companion, even when you have limited data or a slow connection. Download video and share to other user using YouTube go app locally.

YouTube Go
YouTube Go
Developer: Google LLC
Price: To be announced


Spotify Lite

A lite version of Spotify which we all are using almost regularly. Easy to use interface and very simplified version of Spotify. You can keep track of your storage and usage within the app.

It will work in poor network conditions as well. It has almost all the features you would expect.

Spotify Lite
Spotify Lite
Developer: Spotify Ltd.
Price: To be announced


Shazam Lite

Discover Music

Shazam is one of the world’s most popular apps, used by hundreds of millions of people to instantly identify and discover music.

Shazam Lite - Discover Music
Shazam Lite - Discover Music
Developer: Apple, Inc.
Price: To be announced


Uber Lite

Commute Freely

Like to travel around the city without having to worry about public transportation or driving your car, you can use uber lite to book your uber ride from anywhere using this lightweight app,

  • Follow your ride in real-time
  • Works on a slow network
  • Book & Pay for Ride
Uber Lite
Uber Lite
Price: To be announced


Ola Lite

Commute Freely in India

Use Ola lite to book your day to day commute rides easily from anywhere anytime, you can book ride for intercity and outstation travel.

  • Works on a slow network
  • Book & Pay for Ride


Twitter Lite

Trend on Twitter

Twitter lite gives you features that every lite app have like save data while surfing tweets, know how much data app is using, compress video and photos in tweets,

You can even turn on data saver to load only photos and videos you want to load,

By using twitter lite you can keep tweeting while keeping an eye on what’s on trending twitter.

  • Direct Message others
  • Make Group discuss
  • Selectively load images and video tweet
  • Follow others
  • Tweet and retweet
Twitter Lite
Twitter Lite
Developer: Twitter, Inc.
Price: To be announced


Skype Lite

Its Skype time

Make free voice and video call to other Skype users on the go using skype lite, this app will work even in a slow network so will be able to communicate with your friends and family and clients without missing any important updates.

  • Free Voice and Video Calls
  • Group calling
  • Send photos and videos and share your phone screen
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Instagram Lite

Images and Videos Sharing Social Network

You probably already know what Instagram is, Instagram is a social network where people from all around the world share images and videos,

Instagram lite make it easier for phones that have less ram and storage to keep posting their images on Instagram using Instagram lite app very easily,

You can download Instagram lite from play store but in case of play store shows app is not compatible with your phone you can download Instagram lite app from APKMirror.

  • Post multiple images at once
  • Set Status
Instagram Lite
Instagram Lite
Developer: Instagram
Price: To be announced


Line Lite

Free SMS & Call

Line is an instant messaging app that supports free voice and video call to other line users, you can use line lite to save some storage on your phone.

You can share status, pictures on your friend’s timeline if you like, you can chat with your friends one to one or in a group.

  • Make Voice and Video Call
  • Send Stickers
  • Supports Multiple Platform (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry even PC)


Firefox Lite

Fully Functional Lightweight Browser

Firefox lite is just an amazing browser for every low memory phone because it works smoothly without choking phone.

It enhances your web browsing experience by blocking ads on website, has night mode so your eyes don’t feel strain in late-night browsing, downloads multiple files at a time so you don’t have to wait to start downloading new files.

  • Ad Block
  • Turbo mode to boost web surfing
  • Night Mode
  • Take Screenshot of webpage
  • Parallel Download
Firefox Lite - Fast and Lightweight Web Browser
Firefox Lite - Fast and Lightweight Web Browser


Clean Master Lite

Remove clutter/junk from phone

Give your phone a boost if you are facing low storage or memory problem,

You can timely scan and remove obsolete residual files from phone to make space for new apps, clean master lite also scans your installed apps for malware, trojans to keep you safe.

  • Boost ram and storage
  • Antivirus
  • Clean Junk
  • Hibernate Apps


We hope you have definitely saved some storage in your android devices by replacing some of your apps with lite apps for android. So why not try out some of the best free android games we have covered just for you or if you want to play with your friends then read the best multiplayer games for android.


Lite Apps list may be small at this time we will be adding more useful lite apps to the list overtime on based on your feedback.

If your favourite app is not on the list, do comment below.

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