15+ Insanely Useful Best Chromecast Apps

Best Chromecast Apps

How many times have you been fiddling around internet and apps store to find apps for chromecast device to cast media to your tv and often come across “oh! this doesn’t work” “what to use for that situation” .. so on. We have covered most of the situation with free chromecast apps.

First things first, if you don’t have chromecast yet you can get one from the official store.

Here are all the situation where you need to watch something on your beautiful tv without paying with free chromecast apps.

How to Setup Your Chromecast

Google Home 

It’s compulsory to have, else you can’t setup Chromecast with your tv.
Surprisingly Google Home is more than just a setup app for chromecast.

  • You can Cast your Entire screen with inbuilt Cast Screen
  • Cast Popular YouTube Videos from home screen of the app
  • Google Movies with just one tap
  • Setup multiple Cast devices and Manage within a single app smoothly

Easy Setup Process:

  • Connect your chromecast to your tv
  • Download and Open the App
  • You will see the device on your smartphone just follow the instruction it will setup the chromecast device to your wifi network
  • Next time it will automatically connect to that wifi network so make sure it stays on whenever you need chromecast

Google Home Android App


Best Chromecast Apps for Playing Video/Movies



You must be having tons of movies and offline content on your desktop pc or laptop or external hard disks, Why not watch it on the big screen of your house.

  • Download Videostream Google chromecast extension from here or download native installed from here.
  • Connect to the same network on pc/laptop and chromecast
  • Launch Videostream it will open a tab in chrome browser
  • Open it and add directories where you have movies or media files.
  • Cast and Enjoy

Use the videostream android app to let the pc or laptop used by someone else,
Android app can be used as a remote control with all the media files listed and options like seek, rewind, play, pause.

VideoStream Android App

Local Cast

Play any Video, Music, Pictures stored on your Android device to your Chromecast Device just one click.

It comes with the both free and paid version,
I’ve been using free version it just works, never felt the need to upgrade.

Local Cast Android app

Google Chrome

Yeah!! you read it right, Google Chrome browser works flawlessly to cast videos to your chromecast device

On Desktop or Laptop,
Press Three dot button on upper right corner >> Cast Button(below print button)
Press Cast the tab
Drag and Drop any video in that video and It will play it straight away to your chromecast device connected tv

Google Chrome Desktop Browser


VLC Player

Finally, after a long time waiting they have added cast support into app, you can download the app from google play store

Make sure to be connected to the same network and A cast button will show up, Cast whatever you have stored in your device onto your device, Just like you can do this with above mentioned Local Cast app but with your favourite media player.



YouTube doesn’t need any introduction on how to use it,

Just be connected to the same network
Open the app and you will see a Cast button, Press it

And you are ready to go, Every video you select will be playing straight away on your TV

You can continue using your device for other work and apps, it will be playing in the background.

Youtube Android App

Google Photos

Best app for casting all of your photos and videos without any hassle

Exactly like YouTube on the upper part, there will be cast button showing, when you are connected to a network on which chromecast is connected.

Open any image or video it will be displayed on the screen,
It’s that easy.

Google Photos Android App

Best Chromecast Apps for Playing Music


The best music streaming service available with the limitless collection of songs curated and with the algorithm that gives you the next best songs you will probably like.

Spotify is Google Chromecast enabled, you just need to tap play on other device and select device,

The best part is while playing any song, its shows lyrics and useful information regarding the song.

Which makes the listening songs on tv even better not just a plain simple music player.


Most famous music streaming service in India because of the regional song’s availability.

Any song you are playing on the device can be cast to Google Chromecast by tapping the cast button which will automatically show up while being on the same network of chromecast.

User Interface Looks completely soothing and simple, to play songs and catch up with your friends, family.

Saavn Android App

Google Play Music

Every google app talks to their products, no exception here.

You can stream any music you are streaming on your device,

Even if you have songs downloaded in your storage, you can upload them and then stream them,
without uploading your downloaded mp3 files you can’t stream them directly.


Beautifully designed music player with lyrics.

Just play any song and it will display lyrics on your device, whether it’s your offline mp3 files or Spotify.

You can cast your local stored music files directly to chromecast with lyrics on tv and beautiful design

A must Try app if you have chromecast in your house.

Musixmatch Lyrics for music Android App


More Music Players That supports casting:


Best Chromecast Apps for Photos

Google Photos

Probably, you will be already using as your gallery app or for backup your photos,
If not, you should try it out.

It supports Google Chromecast, any photos or videos you have stored on your device

You can cast them to your tv in just one click and it’s fast, no clutter and always works.

File Managers which supports Google Chromecast

The most powerful file managers and with google chromecast support

With these free chromecast apps, you can cast almost all types of content to your Google Chromecast Device.

However Here are Paid or subscription-based apps that can enrich your experience while watching TV:

For a Huge list of all cast enabled Android apps on Google PlayStore

Visit Google Playstore>>Categories>>Google Cast Section

Most of the chromecast supported apps mentioned above are also available on the App Store for iPhone users.

Did I forget any important app for any particular situation? Let me know in the comments what are the best chromecast apps according to your daily usage? I will try to update those here.

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