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  • take ownership in windows 10

    How To Take Ownership of Folders and Files In Windows 10

    Getting full permission of files in Windows can be complex. Some method involves commands or requires additional software to be installed but it can be done in an easier way. If you need to access system-level files and folders Windows will not allow you to do that for security reasons. Sometimes you also need to […] More

  • pixel 4

    Google Pixel 4 Leaks Confirmed

    Google announced the new Pixel 4 launch date on October 15 in New York. They have also sent the official invitation for the event and started the ad campaigns as well. The Video confirms the features like Motion Sense and face unlock which focus don’t hold the phone control via gestures. Confirmed Leaks We Know […] More

  • pocket is free

    Pocket Casts is now free: Best Podcast App

    One of the most popular app for podcast listening is Pocket Casts. If you are into podcast you must have tried or know the about the app. Since the app launched in 2010 it was a paid app for android and ios both. Which was a problem for many users who wanted to get the […] More

  • in

    5 Best Remote Desktop Software

    It’s not possible for everyone to physically present at every friend, family and customers place to solve their IT related problems or guide them but you can take control of their system with these best remote desktop software. You can remotely control their systems, transfer files from your system to remote systems and much more. […] More

  • Google Chrome Send this page

    Google Chrome new feature lets you Send Pages to Your Devices

    While you are browsing on your computer and you need to share that article or page URL to your phone it can take several steps to do that. But now Google Chrome has introduced a new feature “Send this page” which helps you share exact same URL to your Mobile phone connected with same Google […] More

  • best photo viewer

    10 Best Photo Viewer For Windows 10 [2020]

    No matter what work or profession you’re in everyday we need to open multiple photos. The default option of Windows is quite slow to load. You can speed up things by just picking up right photo viewer and management software which will help you daily routine task without getting noticed. So here are some of […] More

  • in

    How to Create Your Own VPN Server Using Outline

    Privacy is becoming a number one concern for everyone. While there are way too many free VPN available in the market which claims to be providing privacy to you but they itself use your data to target ads or provide that information to third-party services to keep running there services for free. When the service […] More

  • Reverse image search

    How To Reverse Image Search – on Desktop & Mobile

    How many time it happens you found an image on social media and want to know more about it but you don’t know where to check, in that case, you upload the image to search instead of typing your search query. There can be me many reasons to do a reverse image search like Get […] More

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