Online Torrent Downloader without any Client

Download Torrent Online

Torrent, when we hear this word we think of downloading movies, games and software. There are tons of websites offering torrent download. There are different ways to download torrent we will explain how to download torrent online. How does Torrent Works: Before we start downloading the file first needs to … Read more

How To Block Spam Emails In Gmail & Tips to Prevent

As the world is moving Digital more and more companies trying to reach everyone via Email which is causing too much of email spam. You can not prevent yourself from getting spam emails but you can take steps to automatically filtering spam emails and important emails in your inbox either … Read more

How to Sync Two Folders in Windows

How to Folder Sync

In this post, we will go through some of the ways you can use to sync multiple folders in Windows 10 from one drive to another drive (internal or external). It’s easy and just takes a  few clicks after selecting a source and destination folders. You can use it setup … Read more

13 Websites to Learn Typing Online for Free

How to Learn Touch Typing Fast

Everyone who has access to computers, laptops should know how to Touch type because it will boost your productivity and confidence to the roof. Learning typing is not a difficult task, you just need a keyboard and guidance to start practicing, it will only take a few months of practice … Read more

How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows

How to disable startup programs in windows

Whenever you switch on or boot up your Desktop PC or Laptop Windows starts loading system files then few of your installed programs. Did you felt its super slow and takes a lot of time? Some of the programs start are necessary or have gained access to start themselves while … Read more

How To Download YouTube Video for Free

How To Download YouTube Videos

Sometimes we need to download videos to watch on devices where internet availability is not proper or we just want to download that video for someone else. There are multiple ways how you can do this, we are going to list all of them for you, before going further let’s … Read more