ExtraTorrents Proxy List 2024 [Updated] – Unblock Extratorrent

ExtraTorrent or ET was top BitTorrent indexes in the world, where you can search for any torrent file or magnet link.

ET started its journey in 2006 and shutdown down all its mirror sites in 2017 permanently voluntarily. At the time of closing the ExtraTorrents server, they also wiped all the databases related to the website too as per the administrator of the website.

But soon some other websites claiming to be ExtraTorrent proxy/mirror sites appeared online and instantly gained popularity.

There is no official ExtraTorrent proxy available at the time all proxy sites claiming to be one are actually using Piratebay, EZtv or other torrent websites as a backend with ExtraTorrents looking like a frontend.

To this date there are no official proxy and mirror websites


Note: We don’t support piracy in anyway, use torrent websites to download non-copyrighted material.

ExtraTorrents Proxy List 2024

Here’s a list of ExtraTorrents proxy sites that we have hand-picked over the internet. The ExtraTorrents proxy site list below is updated regularly and verified by us. All the ExtraTorrents mirror and proxy sites can be opened directly in your browser.

Some websites will fail to load due to ISP blocking, you can use any free VPN to access them.

ExtraTorrents Proxy Site List

ExtraTorrents Alternatives

In case you are not able to access the Extra Torrent proxy sites mentioned here, We have some alternatives that you can use:

How Do ExtraTorrents Proxies Work?

The rise of torrent sites has been phenomenal. To make torrent downloading and sharing easier, torrent proxy sites have evolved.


The main function of a torrent proxy site is to provide a front end for torrent file downloads without using the VPN as the main domains are generally restricted by ISP.

How does Torrent work?

Torrents are a form of peer-to-peer file sharing. You will find that many torrent sites have a “torrent file” (.torrent file extension) attached to them. This file is a list of the information about the file you want to share.

The torrent site then distributes this file to other users looking for the same file. The torrent site does not share the file itself, it only contains the information about the file.

This is how torrent sites work.

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