Best Browser Based Games To Play Anywhere

Play Browser Based Games

Feeling bored in office? or it’s lunchtime want to freshen up your mood? or Just want to play some games? You are at the right place with the best browser games collection.

The best part of browser games is you don’t need to download heavy files and you can play the games anywhere within minutes,

All you need is a computer/laptop with an internet connection while so many games work on the mobile phone too.


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Best Browser Games

The Evolution of Trust

Let’s start with the first browser-based online games while learning something that usually you don’t know,

like how we trust people, how news affects our life and decision, how the crowd thinks about each other?

This game tries to answers these questions.

Why, even in peacetime, do friends become enemies?

And why, even in wartime, do enemies become friends?

“We are punished by our sins, not for them.”

~ Elbert Hubbard


Play The Evolution of Trust


Cube Slam

If you like to play ping pong with Bear then that’s your game, you can play multiplayer with your friend also.
On each level up different power-ups and difficulty level increases.

While we tested the game we found cube slam multiplayer not working for us. But you can play with bear in a single player mode.


Play Cube Slam



Play Chess online or challenge your friend over it.
You can participate in tournaments, analysis your game and improve. Even if you don’t want to play you can watch others live gameplay to learn from them.


Play Lichess

Build an economy during the day and defend from Zombies in the night, the game is strategy-based, you have to defend your base from zombies attack.
To upgrade your base you need to collect crystals, irons, uranium and wood.




Survivor (1982 Commodore 64 game)

You can play classic version to refresh your memories if you are playing the first time then why not create a memory now.

The custom level can be created using level editor, game controls are simple.


Play survivor



Simple game, you are in spaceship ship you need to keep firing and moving to save your ship, by time if will become increasingly difficult to shoot while moving.


Play Areana5


3D Bricks

Addictive Time killer game, easy controls but the game becomes difficult within minutes when you have to stop multiples balls from going down while breaking every brick above.


Play 3D Bricks



When you play x-type within seconds it feels like there is no way to avoid enemy bullets, every new enemy is just like Rambo enemy bullets never stops from shooting.


Play X-Type



There is nothing to tell you, you probably already played this game, just hop in-game.

For others game contains 4 x 4 blocks on every move 2 or 4 number pops up you just have to match the same number by using W A S D and on every matching number adds up,

when there are no more numbers can be matched by sliding and block are full then game over, play again.


Play 2048


Vector Runner Remix

Don’t go on graphics, Vector runner remix will keep you stick to mouse harder than you think,
controls are too easy, click to jump double click to jump higher.
don’t just jump keep collecting points and share with the world on twitter and facebook.


Play Vector Runner Remix

Eat other cells to grow bigger while keeping yourself alive because

you are not only one who is eating, but other players can also eat up too,

You can enjoy battle royale mode where the last player alive wins the match.





You have to play like a snake eating cells and don’t hit other snakes if you do you die.

Game is very competitive.




Pappu Pakia

Like Flappy bird but with some few more extra things, keep your bird in the centre while avoiding obstacles. You will get power-ups that will make the game more easy for you.


Play Pappu Pakia


Good Old Tetris

Everyone loves Tetris don’t you,

This Tetris is a little bit fast from starting so you have to react fast otherwise gamer over man, game over.


Play Good Old Tetris


Coffee Snake

Keep the snake in center don’t hit the wall and keep eating the ball to earn points that’s it,
btw my high score was just 36.


Play Coffee-Snake



Circle blue dots before they explode while avoiding red dots from circling,
Faster you move the bigger circle you can make and by circling many dots in single go earns combo and extra points.


Play Coil


C4 – Connect Four

Unique gameplay with simple logic, make a line of four dots of same colour in any direction to win while stopping other players.


Play C4 Connect Four



Change is actually not a game, it’s a simulation where you are playing extreme life of a supermarket cashier,

whose job is to return the customers right cash after charging bill amount. Be careful if you give extra cash no returns it back.


Play Change



Avoid the red dots while taking power-ups and life.
Sounds easy right but it’s not, why not try…


Play Sinuous


Pixel Race

Need Adrenal rush, then pixel race has it for you,
Enjoy music keep your head out of obstacle and collect points.
Pixel race is too addictive game for everyone.


Play Pixel Race



We love Pacman and here is worlds biggest Pacman,
Every map is connected with each other just hop from one to another every map is different,
You just need to be alive.
just say Catch me if you can and start playing PACMAN.





Just expand your area by covering more and more area on a map, keep an eye on your trail if your trail is hit by other players then game over, you can hit other players trail to vanish them as Thanos did with his snap.

Play Paper



HexGL is a fast-paced racing game with futuristic design,

You have to complete 3 laps on the track, controls are very easy to use.

What’s more awesome about this game is that game is made using HTML5, JavaScript and WebGL.


Play HexGL


The Wisdom and/or Madness of Crowd

Puzzle based game beautifully you how crowd decided what to do what and whom to trust.

After playing you will understand what affects everyone’s decision, why people are biased sometimes.



We Become What We Behold

A game about news cycles, vicious cycles, infinite cycles.


Play We Become What we Behold


I Saw Her Standing There

but then she was a Zombie

When you love a girl but she zombie then how you are gone love her?

Even you have to protect yourself from other zombies to while keeping safe your girl.


Play I Saw her Standing There


The Sun and Moon

It’s not an easy game, it will take time before your hands settle.


Play The Sun and Moon


It’s Adoorable

If you made it this far then here is something for you,

It’s a game with a secret message for you.


Play It’s adoorable


Collection of 1500+ Browser Based Games to play with Friends

If you still feel you did not get a game that satisfies you then here is a collection of games list where you can try your luck.

  1. Games on GitHub – List of 300+ Games out of which 114 Games Can be played instantly in brow
  2. Html5Games – List of 500+ HTML5 Games
  3. IO Games Space – List of 250+ Fun and Adventure Games
  4. Itch io – List of 32,000+ Browser Based Online Games (Paid + Free Both Included)
  5. Kizi – List of 400+ Games which cater kids and young audience with attractive graphics and fun gameplay
  6. Free Rider HD – Ride, ride and ride again, play at your risk you might get frustrated playing
  7. Nicky Case – We recommend you must try out few games at least. All Games are based on research and at the end, you get to know something while having fun.

Looks like you love playing games that’s why we have prepared best free android games for you. You will love them.



These are the games to kill your productivity anytime whether in office or home.

Maybe you play big titles on console or computers but trying these games anywhere anytime is always a plus point.

Games aren’t made to waste your time they can help stimulate the brain, change your mood, strategy planning and thinking one step ahead. This post has included more than 1500+ browser games which you can play anytime with your friends.

There are still lots of best online browser based games are available we will be updating this post based on feedback from you.

Don’t forget to tell us your favourite one.

Is your favourite game not on the list? tell us so others can also play that game.

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